Our Process

What makes Olive work for you?

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Contact us to discuss your project needs, we are always happy to provide professional guidance.


Process is everything and governs the way we work for you

We are passionate about what we do and this translates into a team who are meticulous about details, ethical in the way we do business and empathetic to our clients needs

From start to finish

  • 1 Telephone contact
  • 2 Email contact
  • 3 Clients meetings
  • 4 Design documentation
  • 5 Consultant design coordination meetings
  • 6 1st fix project management
  • 7 Installation
  • 8 Programming and user interface design
  • 9 Quality control
  • 10 Client training and manuals
  • 11 Maintenance
  • 12 Invoicing and financials

From initial contact we will guide you through the process and soon assign a dedicated team to deal with you.


Excellent Project Management is key to a successful installation. It's at the heart of our work.

On completion the job is done and finished so we can hand back the keys

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